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For hikers and nature lovers - the most detailed and inspiring guidebook to pure wilderness journeys in national parks in a part of Europe.

  • 693 pages in a quality booklet that is sewn in the back and has flaps on the front and back

  • This guidebook describes all national parks in southwestern Europe, Macaronesia and the Alps.


  • It is a guide to Europe ́s original nature, the wilderness.


  • It helps you to find the best place in this part of Europe with most orchids, most vultures, most wolves or most butterflies - or specific species, if you are looking for such. The book contains more than 3,575 species of flora and fauna.

  • This guidebook helps you to locate the best hiking trails or tours inside these parks and to find the hot spots. To find the journey that matches your wish.


  • 57 detailed maps quickly help you to locate the hot spots in these wilderness areas and ensure, that your journey will be successful. A total of 336 journeys to real wilderness areas are described.


  • History of geology, flora and fauna helps you to understand the specific conditions in each national park.

  • You will be amazed, how unique each national park is, and we welcome you to experience the marvelous world of nature.

The Map

See full list of national parks from the guide book here









Brian Gade Larsen (1955) and Lone Ildved (1958) have traveled around southern and southwest Europe and the Canary Islands for eight years and visited all the 58 national parks described in their illustrated guidebook. They themselves have traced most of the trails described in the guidebook, and Lone has also taken some of the photos, that are in the guidebook.

Back in 2011, they wanted to do something else in their life than working within their former jobs. They wanted to travel, and they wanted to explore the wildest nature in Europe. They found it in the national parks.

Brian has written most of the texts in the book and Lone has been responsible for the graphic set-up as well as the communication in connection with the contact with the national parks. Brian has a background as landscape architect, as forester and as amateur ornithologist. Lone has a master’s degree in religion and art history and many years of experience in the IT industry. This guidebook is a result of their combined skills, and their desire is to inspire others – young as well as middle-aged and older – to find their hiking boots and explore the wild nature in the national parks

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