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More than 1600 color-photos gives you an impression of the landscapes, flora and fauna in the parks.


Comprehensive lists of flora and fauna in English and Latin show the impressive biodiversity, which is present in the parks.


58 detailed maps showing the core zone  - i. e. the pure wilderness - of each park and suggests for each park 5 itenaries in this wilderness with lenght, duration, curve and description.


350 stories of the habitats, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, fungi, flora etc. giving an understanding of connections and dependencies of their existence.


Practical information and nearby interesting places to visit. 


kr 349,00Price
  • Describing 58 National Parks - all in Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Malta and Portugal and one in Germany.


    This is the first guide book, which in detail gives an overall overview, insight and understanding of the priceless treasure, which the National Parks in South and South-Western Europe and the Alps possess. We wish it will inspire you to visit them. 

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