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Parc national des Calanques

The word calanque originated from the word inlet, and is used to describe a steep-sided inlet, formed within karstic regions along the Mediterranean coast. The best known examples of this formation can be found in the park and its range extends for 20 km in length and 4 km in width along the coast between Marseille and Cassis, culminating in Marseilleveyre (432 m) and Mont Puget (565 m). 26 calanques can be found along this coast- line.

The Calanques range consists of limestone rocks mostly from the Mesozoic dating back 250 to 65 million years ago. This sedimentary rock was formed and accumulated under the seas of the Jurassic, where minerals and organic particles over million of years were compacted and cemented together. Fossils of marine organisms (algae, sea urchins ...) testify to this marine origin.

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Most of the park is crossed by a close network of paths and hiking trails. Some calanques can be reached by car. Depending on the weather conditions, especially fire risk, access is classed according to three levels of risks - Orange: Access to pedestrians is authorised across the whole of the massif all day. Red: Access is limited between 6 am to 11 am along a 200 m coastal strip. Black: Walkers, vehicles and parking are prohibited all day. Access to vehicles is prohibited every weekend and public holiday from mid April to June 2nd and then every day until September 28th in the Calanques of Sormiou, Morgiou and Callelongue. Mini- cruises in the Calanques are leav- ing from the Old Port or the Port of Pointe Rouge. The Riou Archipelago can be reached by local boats. It is possible to hire a kayak to sea-trips from Marseille or Cassis. Several famous diving 

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Location: Bouches-du Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.Coordinates: Longitude 5°26’57’E, Latitude 43°12’34’N.Created: 2012

Visitors p. a. : 2 mill.


Parc national des Calanques, 141 avenue du Prado, Bâtiment A, 13008 Marseille, tel.: +33 04 20 10 50 00, e-mail:

Useful contacts for information recommended by the National Park:

Bouches-du-Rhone Holiday Rentals, 13 rue Roux de Brignoles, 13006 Marseille, tel.: +33 (0) 4 9113 8413, email:

Marseille Tourist and Convention Bureau, 11 la Canebière, 13001 Marseille, email:

Tourist Office of Cassis, Quai des Moulins, 13260 Cassis, email:

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